The situation of the construction work in Arunthangavilai as on September 26th, 2006

In Arunthanganvilai the construction of the 23 houses planned on the plots owned by the beneficiaries is under way.

 Preeti Goel Sanghi
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The construction of all houses has not begun simultaneously due to various reasons such as finalising the list of beneficiaries, difficulty in accessing the plots and hence each house construction is at a different stage. Houses are mainly on two sites in the village.

On the main road leading to the middle of the village, the construction of 5 houses on either side of the road has reached the roof level, one of which is almost ready.The roof slabs have already been cast and the frames of windows and doors have been fixed.

Most of the beneficiaries, being carpenters by profession, have made their own door and window frames and hence this economical step has allowed for a better finish or even a little bit of extra space in the house.What now remains is to connect electricity and then the owners can move in after the customary cleaning.

In the middle of the village, the construction of the 18 houses is progressing rapidly.Four have reached sill level, 3 the lintel level, 3 the roof level and 8 are at the completion stage. The construction work on these houses that are at the completion stage has been stopped in order that all the houses can be finished simultaneously.

Where there was already existed a toilet in the previous house of the beneficiary, A&D decided not to do way with it completely, but to remodel it. Two other beneficiaries in the middle of the village wanted their toilets built outside the house to inorder to save space and have larger kitchens. A&D will give the technical advice on how to build the soak pits.