Situation of the construction site in Arunthangavillai on November 22nd, 2006

The construction in Arunthangavillai has reached the final stages but this final stage is without doubt the longest !


The 23 houses under construction are at the finishing stage.16 houses have been completed including the flooring and only the the electrical connections remain to be fitted. The twin house has reached roof level and the central courtyard joining both houses remains to be covered with a two slope roof .

The first week of December is their target date to complete the entire construction finishing with the bricklaying of toilets. 12 toilets have been constructed outside the houses and 11 inside the houses. At the moment there are 5 toilets remaining to be constructed outside the house. The remaining job of bathrooms have to be completed along with the final limewashing of the walls.

The team in charge have planned to delay giving the houses to the beneficiaries until the Pongal holidays in mid-January.