Filmes do programa Be !Sharp

Os filmes produzidos pela A&D na à ndia em parceria com o CED

 Tiago Vier (LinkedIn)

Os cinco filmes são resultado da interação entre profissionais indianos e europeus no âmbito do programa Be !Sharp.

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- Build Simply - A film on the approach to ‘built environment’ adopted by Timbaktu
Produced by Centre for Education and Documentation
( Duration 37 minutes [English])

The film explores Timbaktu’s experiment, which sat a meeting point between forests, agriculture and the built environment. It narrates how a small group of development activists, committed to developmental and ecological regeneration, found ways to heal and regenerate a piece of dry, degraded land, and create an agro forest habitat. Protecting the land, revitalising natural resources and traditional genetic base were the key elements involved.

- LANDSCAPE FOR RAINWATER (Duration 26’ - Produced by Anouchka Kine and A&D)

A huge and beautiful archaeological site in Hampi, Karnataka, shows aspects of Indian cities in late 15th early 16th centuries, It shows ruins of tanks, water channels and aqueduct show how Indian people succeeded in using a passive and complex system so that rainwater was sufficient for all their water needs.

- VERNACULAR VALUES (Duration 58’18" - Produced by CED)

Threading the cross section journeys into the other paradigm in architecture and examines the values and underlying commonsense of the vernacular in shaping our built environment. In this film the philosopher in R L Kumar, a trained accountant reflects on his attempts to build houses differently with a passion for the earth and the people he is working with. This exploration has made kumar an architect, builder, comrade to his workers and philosopher to some of his NGO friends and chief haranguer to others.

- A FARM GARDEN IN A DRYLAND OF TAMIL NADU (Duration 8’30" - Produced by Anouchka Kine and A&D)

A landscape architect, Mohan S. Rao, explains using the example of a farm garden how to conserve and reuse rainwater as much as possible with sensitive and sustainable methods. The basic principles of this kind of work are explained in a simple way and in a quiet rhythm.

- CITY FARMING (Duration 16’47" - Produced by CED)

Nature is vanishing at a very fast pace from cities. This film captures this process of Dr. R.T. Doshi science of city farming.


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