Archives from 2004 Indian Post-Tsunami Reconstruction for Development Campaign Programme

Architecture and Development initiates a project of reconstruction in the state of Tamil Nadu, which aims at taking into account the situation of communities before the tsunami, to rehablitate them. It concentrates in particular with that section of affected population which are not acknowledged as beneficiaries by government authorities and that are therefore excluded from the aid provided by the government or other NGos.

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Construction Techniques and Trainings

To provide details of techniques used and hands-on trainings for local people involved in construction (e.g. masons) in the reconstruction and (...)

Housing in Arunthangavilai

Architecture and Development initiates a project of reconstruction in the region of Kanyakumari, in the village...

Housing in Rajakamangalamthurai

A&D and its partner PRAXIS are involved in rehabilitating 70 affected families that have been neglected by the government authorities in (...)

Housing in Veerapagupathi

Program for reconstruction of permanent shelter in the region of Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, that was affected by the (...)

Micro Projects

A&D endeavors to concentrate its activities on processes that work towards improving the quality of life and (...)

Post Tsunami Response Integrated Project

Realization of community centre, water distribution system and purifying, solar power supply system.

Resource and Information Centres

Architecture & Development offers a program of support to reconstruction efforts in Tamil Nadu, in south of India. The objective of the (...)

Technical Support for Capacity Building

Set up a mobile team of architects, engineers and sociologists to provide technical and methodological support for people involved in (...)