In the various fields of intervention and geographical zones that we work, we have the pleasure of working with oganisations that extend their full support and actively participate and exchange information.They are exemplary in their dedication and support to community actions.

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INHAF-Indian Habitat Forum

INHAF is a partner of the Be!Sharp program launched in April 2004 in India and has put in place a center of resources for a sustainable built (...)

Bento Rubião Foundation

The CDDH Bento Rubião Foundation (Center for Defense of Human Rights) was formed in 1986 by technicians and leaders of the favelas of Rio de (...)

Instituto Sindical de Trabajo, Ambiente y Salud (ISTAS)

ISTAS es una fundación sindical autónoma y sin ánimo de lucro, de carácter técnico, creada por la Confederación Sindical de Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO.) (...)

Natural Resource Protection Programme (NRPP)

Natural Resource Protection Programme (NRPP) is a local sort of non-governmental orgnization that intends to work for the conservation and proper (...)

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF)

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum [PFF] was launched on May 5, 1998 by a large number of fisherfolk community representatives and NGO (...)


AMORCES aims to support International Solidarity Association’s projects.