Resource and Information Centres

It integrates various elements of the built environment : the access to the land, appropriate architecture, environmental and ecological considerations, the access to facilities and community services, economic development, social issues, financing of the building, the resistance toearthquake and other risks, the accessibility of the handicapped persons etc.

A place of accompaniment, advice, expertise, means and technical support for all those who will be involved in the reconstruction process to improve the quality of life and habitat.

The centre will make available resources, expertise and support on Habitat related issues to reinforce capacities on a grassroots level and cover two geographical regions. It includes collection, production and dissemination of documentation, pedagogic information, and public awareness campaigns – in a form that is accessible and relevant to the local people, and based on their actual needs.

The activities of the centre get organized around an hub responsible for collection and production of information, which is relayed at the local level by two organisations along wth a team of professionnals for advice and support.

Consultation for drafting the National Rural Habitat policy

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Fishing in Troubled Waters- Booklet Produced

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"Net-working Together" film has been released

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RDC : An initiative to document and disseminate traditional building knowledge systems

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Training on Documentation and Information Exchange

Training on Data, Information and Knowledge by John D Souza