Articles & References

Provides additional information about projects by defining the local, national and international contexts of A&D’s activites. It allows to understand the scope of every project better.

2 Bridges

Two standardized box-culverts developed in Liberia

The Reflective Architect

Majority of urban growth in the world is taking place in the form of slums. There is a massive need of professionals, including architects and (...)

Unsustainable clash of civilisations ?

Having shared my life between old Europe and even older India I have often compared the two...

Agenda 21 for the sustainable construction in developing countries

Agenda 21 for the sustainable construction in the developing countries was ordered within the framework of the 21st Agenda for the sustainable (...)

A prototype of dissemination and education.

Contribution of I.T.A.C.A.,Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza†for the MIPAA, Multimedia Interactive Platform for an Appropriate (...)

The Urgent Need for a More Anthropological Approach to Architecture

"Culture is entitled to demand that experimenters leave it in peace." (Adolf Loos) In this age of a new and undoubtedly definitive (...)