Village Knowledge Center (VKC)

Kalari Theatre Workshops - A Report

The KALARI Folk Cultural Centre was set up by the Kottar Catholic Diocese in 1994.( ’Kalari’ means ’battlefield’).

Developments in Village Knowledge Centres (VKCs)

There has been quite a bit of development and activity on the VKC front. The Bangalore VKC team has been doing some homework and gathering (...)

Report of the Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

This workshop was organised by A&D Bangalore and conducted by the Rainwater Club, Bangalore at the A&D office in Bangalore from the 14th (...)

New VKC Set Up

A new VKC has been set up by A&D in partnership with the Community Seva Centre near Puducherry (Pondicherry). Read the details. This new (...)

VKC Thriving !!

The VKC in Thiruvengadu has seen many visitors since its inauguration on 1st August 2007. From villagers wanting specific details about the (...)

Habitat Study - A Report on the Rural Poor in Tamil Nadu : The perception of Women on habitat

The Habitat Study was formulated by A&D to create a realistic picture of life and the habitat situation villages that were Tsunami affected (...)